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Never Give Up Radio offering free ‘My Mind Matters’ workshops

Never Give Up Radio, the start-up co-founded by RMU women’s hockey director of hockey operations Liam Cavanagh that aims to help create a safe environment for professional and collegiate athletes to discuss mental issues, is expanding their quota to a wider audience.

The “My Mind Matters” workshops start this coming Monday on the @NGUradio instagram platform that will feature free, live yoga classes every morning, Instagram takeovers through the day with our experts and pros, Q&A’s every night with the daily guests, as well as live guided breathing or meditation sessions to end each day – all available to anyone that wishes to tune in.

“What started as a small idea, quickly developed into having 25-plus Pro & NCAA athletes, mental health experts, sports therapists, sports counselors, mindset coaches, life coaches, yoga instructors, guided meditation and breathing experts,” Liam Cavanagh explained. “You name it, we have it… all into one place to try to showcase the vast variety of resources that are actually out there to help build skills individuals can add to their mental toolboxes whether they are struggling with something or simply looking to develop their mental skills.

I wanted to reach out to you to share this initiative in hopes you can help those around you too! Whether you are an AD, coach, support staff, athletes or even a parent… Sometimes you don’t know who is struggling or who may need help… It’s the reality of how a lot of people ‘hide behind their smiles’ which I did for years myself, but it is our hope we can ease that process and put these free workshops together in the most impactful ways with easy accessibility and frankly, have fun doing it!”

You can find the list of professional and collegiate guests, as well as more information at NGURadio.org

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