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2022 PIHL All-Star Games

HARMAR TWP., PA — It’s time for the PIHL All-Star Games on Pittsburgh Hockey Digest, presented by Tenband.TV.


This year we will include an area of the arena that we will be conducting live interviews of players and coaches as play is going on- obviously not the same class that is being contested, i.e. will only talk to Class-2A players during the Class-3A game or 1A game. If you are a player or a coach that is interested in being interviewed, please reach out to John Mucha, PIHL Commissioner, Jeff Mauro or Brian Mitchell at the rink.

The schedule is as follows, all from the feed below:

Brian Mitchell-PxP, Conrad Waite-Interview Pit
12:00 p.m.: Division-2
2:00 p.m.: Class-1A

Chris Beddick-PxP, Brian Mitchell- Interview Pit
4:00 p.m.: Class-2A
6:00 p.m.: Class-3A


You can also follow along on your SmartTv, Roku or other service by searching for Pittsburgh H0ckey Digest and selecting the game of your choice! All #BurghHockeyLive games are archived on the YouTube Channel!


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