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Robert Morris

Mitch’s Pics from RMU’s 4-1 win over RIT on Friday

First-Year forward Jaycee Gebhard moved in to 8th place in career Power-Play goals for the Colonials. -- BRIAN MITCHELL

NEVILLE TWP. Pa. — Here are Mitch’s Pics from Friday’s 4-1 Robert Morris victory over RIT.

Mikaela Lowater and Maeve Garvey are introduced in the starting lineup. — BRIAN MITCHELL

Kirsten Welsh is ready to clear the net. — BRIAN MITCHELL

Maeve Garvey moves the puck to the net. — BRIAN MITCHELL

Rikki Meilleur moves into the offensive zone. — BRIAN MITCHELL

Jessica Dodds resets her position in net. — BRIAN MITCHELL


The Colonials enjoyed the Alma Mater. — BRIAN MITCHELL


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